Program "Centrifugal compressor performance map calculation"

TU SPb compressor school has developed classical Russian methodology of the second part of 20th century. Gas dynamic parameters are prior to geometry ones: normalized design parameter flow rate coefficient is prior to normalized impeller blade width, Euler work coefficient is prior to impeller blade exit angle, etc. The decisive step was the creation of the Universal modeling method – the set of computer programs on the base of the math model for efficiency of a stage and a compressor calculation. Up to 2012 the 5th version of the model was applied.

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Program "Design and optimization of single shaft non cooled centrifugal compressor"

Several dozens of compressors (2000 – 25 000 KWt, 1- 8 stages, delivery pressure up to 12,5 MPa) were designed for Russian and foreign manufacturers – about 400 compressors are manufactured with total power more than 5000 000 KWt. Predicted design point parameter accuracy satisfies manufacturers. The usual practice to check designs by model tests is abandoned completely now. Some “weak points” of the 4th generation were eliminated and some new abilities added in 4th and 6th versions of the Method that are used now.

Program "Centrifugal stage performance map calculation"

The program is based on the 5th version of the mathematical modeling method. The program allows you to calculate all the geometric parameters of the centrifugal compressor stage, to determine its gas dynamic parameters, flow parameters in the control sections, to achieve the maximum possible efficiency. The program displays all the necessary information on the stages as a whole, and on its parts. Separate losses in the inlet, in the impeller, diffuser, return chanell, in the scroll (losses are divided not only by place of origin, but also by physical properties).

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Database of model stages program of mathematical model identification

The identification of algorithms and the loss model is based on the results of testing high-performance model stages. Calculated and measured efficiency are compared by the results of numerous measurements. The parameters of the stages cover the range of parameters of the compressors, which test new model stages. The database contains the results of testing all stages developed in the laboratory (about three hundred tests).

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The program implements the simplest principle of identification. The objective function is the minimum value of the discrepancy between the measured and calculated efficiency. Empirical coefficients are given values roughly corresponding to the losses that they control. The program automatically calculates the discrepancy of the efficiency at changing the first of the coefficients in the specified range of values. The value corresponding to the minimal discrepancy is remembered, after which the next coefficient is varied, and so on. The process is repeated many times until the residual does not cease to decrease. Checking for different initial values of the coefficients always leads to one set of empirical coefficients guaranteeing a minimal discrepancy. The "IDENT" program provides the possibility of comparing the calculated and measured characteristics also for the interesting sampling designer. The average error in modeling the calculated (maximum) efficiency is 0.3-0.5%, in steps of different types. The error over the entire characteristic, with the exception of the point of maximum flow, is 0.28-0.84%.

The program oriented on small flow rate high pressure axial compressors

Several computer programs for axial compressors and stages and developed and applied for industrial partners benefits.

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Programs for the analysis and design of axial stages and compressors are based on the results of experimental and theoretical work of domestic and foreign scientists - taking into account their own experience of mathematical modeling of work processes. On the instructions of OAO Gazprom, a specialized program has been developed for the calculation of axial gas transport compressors. On the instructions of JSC "Klimov", a program has been developed for calculating axial compressor stages with a pressure ratio of more than 3.0. The Mach number of the air flow at the entrance to the impeller is of the order of 1.7 - 1.8.