Research of gas dynamic processes

The research is aimed at clarifying the specifics of work processes. This is necessary to create the physical models that underlie the methods of primary design, i.e. a set of rules for choosing a rational form and the ratio of the dimensions of the flowing part.
Mathematical models for calculating gas-dynamic characteristics are based on the physical models. Mathematical models are the basis of computer program complexes for optimal design, which is performed by comparing the options, and calculating the family characteristics of the selected option under different operating conditions of the turbomachine.

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Pneumatic measurement of flow parameters in rotors of turbomachines

CFD methods

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Preparation of scientific personnel

The scientific group carries out preparation of doctoral and post-graduate students in the specialty "Vacuum and compressor equipment". The scope of the works covers all types of compressors and related problems.
The graduates of compressor and turbomachine specialties, specialists in the field of aerodynamics and thermodynamics, and computer technology are suitable for training.